Posted by: Harry Sasnowitz | May 12, 2016

Obsessed With Sin OR Coming Alive In Grace? by guest blogger Tasha Lynn

Obsessed with Sin OR Coming Alive in Grace?

Do you find yourself rehearsing your failures and mistakes over and again in the theater of your mind? If so, you are not alone! Countless people, those who have trusted Christ and those who mistrust Him alike, engage in a similar private monologue daily. From a place of deep empathy from my own personal experience with this struggle, I write…I believe that rehearsal is the biggest waste of time, like digging a hole to nowhere. It eats up energy and it robs us of time that could be better spent developing intimacy with God and others, being led by His love in the adventures of life.

Let’s lift up our eyes from what we perceive to be our failures and get a look at reality, my friends. If you trust Christ to be your life, then you can look back at your past sins only as evidences that you’re still living in this human body. You can rest assured that those times were simply moments when you had temporarily forgotten that you were God’s dearly loved child. Those who know how deeply they are prized and cherished and accepted, don’t go around making a habit of sin. The best way to lessen the pitfalls of sin you may find yourself in is NOT to memorize more scriptures, and NOT to get an “accountability partner” (which I believe is not a grace-based practice anyway, but I will further expound on that in a future blog), and NOT in any other sin-management technique or program you may have tried. Getting your focus on Christ and giving up on your self-repair tactics is the only way to experience the full kind of life we were designed by God for….a full, spiritually rich, satisfying, and peace-filled kind of life. This is the kind of life that prevails in the midst of whatever hard circumstances it faces….a life that is “set aside for God” kind of life, which will never flow from having a focus on sin…but only from a simple faith in His acceptance of you exactly as you are, complete with all your messes and all!

The funny thing is, when you forget trying to manage your sin and the sins of others around you, and learn to simply rest in grace and your belovedness, you will find that as a byproduct you will actually sin less! That is evidence of the law of LOVE at work in you. We are truly free from laboring under the old covenant and its law, which demands a perfect performance and striving to reach standards that none of us, even the best do-gooders among us, are capable of reaching. Therefore, to my friends out there who are tired of the weary self-examination and sin-inspection process, I encourage you to give yourself the gift of a permanent vacation from striving by believing the REALLY good news… Whether you are finding faith in Christ for the first time or are returning into the rest of a simple faith after being bombarded by the pharisaical teachings that are out there, the gift is equally as great…it is yours for the taking, freedom from life on the religious treadmill. So, fall into His arms and find the shelter and affirmation that your soul is crying out for. Come alive in His grace!



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